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Peek inside the wild world of Mizzi Mozzi books!


Mizzi Mozzi and the Muffly Mini-Moon Mammoffs

Mizzi Mozzi and her friends Flip-Flop and Lekko are excited to watch the Muffly Mini-Moon Mammoffs put on their famous dance…”, you could say “Join Mizzi Mozzi and her buddies, Flip-Flop and Lekko, as they gear up for the grooviest dance show in the galaxy, put on by the Muffly Mini-Moon Mammoffs! But wait, where did the Mammoffs go…?

Mizzi Mozzi and the Flyaway Sparkling Mopera Dress

Mizzi Mozzi, Flip-Flop and Lekko are at the Skala Mopera House, ready to hear Donna-Diva Karaia Maraia sing one of her famous Moperas. In a Mopera, the singer sings and mops the floor, both at the same time! But Donna-Diva Karaia Maraia’s carriage is stuck in the mud, and not even the Spider-Ponies can get it out of the mud. When Mizzi Mozzi and her friends try and help,the worse-thing-ever happens…

Mizzi Mozzi and the Robbling-Robbler Worm

Today is Flip-Flop’s birthday, and he’d love to have his cake covered in Kaleidoscopic Sweet-Beans. But when they go to get some, they discover that someone or something has stolen them all! So Mizzi Mozzi, her friends and lots of little helpers try everything to stop the Kaleidoscopic Sweet-Beans robbler…

Mizzi Mozzi and the Diminishing Diminuendo Dragon

When Lekko finds a square purple and yellow egg, he’s amazed when a cute dragon hatches. Except the next day the dragon has started to shrink and will keep shrinking until it disappears! Professor Brilliant-Brains tells Mizzi Mozzi, Flip-Flop and Lekko that unless they take the dragon to the mysterious Tabadagla Monolith, not only will it keep shrinking, but the sky will forever turn black… 

Mizzi Mozzi and the Tragan-Dragans

Mizzi Mozzi and her best friends Flip-Flop and Lekko are on their way to the Pancake Festival, ready to eat lots of delicious pancakes and see the best shows in all of Mizzipotazia. But they aren’t the only ones on their way to the Pancake Festival. From the dark Ignus Fartus Swamp come the mean and bad-tempered Tragan-Dragans, who don’t plan to be very nice when they get there abd force everyone to eat their disgusting pancakes!

Mizzi Mozzi and the Almost-Squashed Space-Train

Mizzi Mozzi and her friends are taking the Space-Train to Play-Park Planet which is full of amazing rides. But their way back to Mizzipotazia the Space-Train comes to a screeching halt. A huge Makka-Mokka Meteorite has landed on the tracks and blocking their way. But the worse is yet to come…