Smart Music

This is where the magic of Mizzi Mozzi books gets a musical twist. Imagine a chill-out zone where cool beats meet learning words, helping your kiddos relax and soak up new languages like sponges! 

And guess what? Parents can’t stop raving about how our Mizzi Mozzi Music is like a lullaby that sends their little ones off to dreamland, all thanks to our soothing tunes and calming words.
Ready for a fun challenge? Try our Mizzi Mozzi Music 30-Night Challenge! Just play our tunes for your child for 30 nights straight. Not only will they sleep like a baby, but they’ll also pick up new languages faster. Are you in? 

Smart Music

A companion to the Mizzi Mozzi series of language discovery books for children, Mizzi Mozzi Music is a mix of soothing music and spoken learning words that helps kids relax and absorb new languages.

The best part? Parents tell us how Mizzi Mozzi Music eases their children into slumber with the combination of comforting music and calming words.

The Mizzi Mozzi Music 30-Day Challenge

Just play Mizzi Mozzi Music to your child over 30 nights to help with better sleep and faster language learning.

Ready?Tap on any of the music streaming services below to begin your Challenge!